Frequently Asked Questions

What is GAIN.GG?

GAIN.GG is a simple GPT (Get Paid To) site. GPT sites allow you to earn rewards by completing tasks. These tasks can be taking surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, and much more. To watch a 2 minute intro video showing how to use the site, click here.

Do I need to spend money?

You don't. Coins can be obtained by completing offers, and most offers do not require purchases.

What are coins?

Coins are the virtual currency used to represent your balance on the site. You can exchange these coins for a variety of rewards shown on our Withdraw page.

Every 1,000 coins is worth $1.00 USD.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply sign up using your preferred login method. We currently offer Google and Steam sign-in.

Once you're logged in, navigate to the Earn page – where you will see our range of offer walls.

How do I earn coins?

You can earn coins by completing offers on our Earn page.

Click on one of our available offer walls to see a list of offers you can complete. Each offer will show a short description and the amount of coins awarded for completing the task. Make sure to complete everything mentioned in the description.

Most offers will award coins within 5 minutes, unless otherwise mentioned, however in rare cases offer credits can be delayed by up to 48 hours.

How long does it take to receive rewards?

It may take up to 3 hours for unverified accounts to receive their rewards. Verified accounts are eligible to receive instant withdrawals.

Our staff will automatically verify an account after it has completed a minimum of 50,000 coins ($50.00) worth of offers. This amount is a minimum - accounts will not become automatically verified at this stage, and staff members review accounts after each withdrawal to check if the account should be verified.

Please do not contact staff about verification unless you have earned a minimum of $100.00. We offer 'balance allowances' before this stage, which allows you to receive insant withdrawals until you have withdrawn a certain amount, which you may request in support chat.

Why are my coins pending?

In order to combat fraud, our staff manually review certain high value offers. In some cases, such as if the offer requires payment, we may require additional proof of completion before awarding your points.

Most users can expect to receive their points within 24 hours, but we reserve the right to hold these high value offers for up to 90 days after completion if we believe the offer may have been completed fraudulently.

Why have I not received my coins?

In order to combat fraud, our staff manually review certain high value offers. To see if your offer is pending verification, click on your Profile and then click on the Held Offers tab.

If the offer is not pending our verification, you must contact the offer wall provider you used to complete the task.

Our staff here at GAIN.GG cannot investigate why an offer has not credited properly. You must contact the offer wall providers directly to receive compensation.

Here is how to access support for each offer wall:


Click the 'Support' button at the top of your wall:

Then click the 'Contact' button beside the offer in question:

Ayet Studios:

Click the 3 bars on the top-left of the wall, then click on 'Reward Status':

Then click on the 'Pending' tab and click the offer you are missing credits on:

From here, you will be able to contact support using the link shown at the bottom of the page:

Your Surveys:

Click on the Your Surveys router, and click 'SUPPORT' at the top of the page:

Click on the 'NEW TICKET' button:

Revenue Universe:

Click on the support button at the top of your wall (looks like a person's head):


Click on 'Reward' at the top of your wall:

CPX Research:

Click on the 3 bars at the top of your wall, and click on 'Statistics':

From here, simply click the help button on the survey you are missing coins for and you can open a support ticket:

Theorem Reach:

Click on the text at the top where it displays how many coins you have earned today:

Then click on the survey which didn't credit, and you can contact Theorem Reach there:


You can contact RevenueWall by clicking on 'Contact Us' at the bottom of their wall.


Click on 'My Coins' at the top of your wall:

Then click on 'Missing Coins?' beside the offer in question:


You may contact Lootably's support at [email protected].


You may contact BitLabs' support at [email protected].


Click on the 'Support' button at the top of your wall:

Then click on the 'Missing Points' button beside the offer in question:

Can I use a VPN, VPS, or Emulator?

No. Use of this type of software is strictly prohibited. Users caught using a VPN, VPS, or Emulator will be permanently banned.

How do I find my Bitskins Litecoin address?

To withdraw your coins to Bitskins, you will first need to find your Bitskins Litecoin address. This can be done by clicking 'Balance' in the top-right corner of the page to bring you to the deposit page. Click the Litecoin tab, and click on 'permanent Litecoin deposit address':

You will now see your Bitskins Litecoin address below the QR code. Copy this address and use it to withdraw your coins. You should receive your balance on Bitskins within 5 minutes of the withdrawal being approved.

Can I use multiple accounts?

No. Users are only permitted to have one account. Users with multiple accounts will be permanently banned.

We permit one account per household, it is up to you to ensure no other users in your household register on the site, as this will result in a permanent ban.